Storm preps underway as the Nor’easter bears down on the Eastern Shore

A rapidly strengthing Nor'easter is spinning off the coast of the Eastern shore. 

The sand dunes on Assateague Island are bracing for what's to come and this barrier island may take a hard hit.

Billy Weiland, operations and communications for Assateague Coastal Trust says, "We'll see more erosion than others is the very north point, locals will call it 'the wedge', it's across from the Ocean City inlet that's seen more erosion than other places on the island. They put in jetties out there actually not the main one but smaller ones they put in a few years back and it's angled the wave action a bit more."

But with summer just around the corner, officials are ready to tackle whatever comes. 

Worcester County Emergency Services says the sand is in pretty good shape but may see possible erosion. 

"They actually have a pretty wide beach right now this time of year it can go both ways, the beach won't have much to work with, so the dunes would be more susceptible. But the beach does look pretty good. Assateague is pretty tough, it's a barrier island, I think it'll make it through, " Weiland says. 

Assateague is prepped and community members should be too. 

Officials say this storm should bring 55-60 mile per hour winds, that means anything that isn't tied down outside is at risk of blowing away or into other objects. 

Beyond that, emergency officials are saying you should be prepared for sporadic power outages due to falling tree limbs.

Another tip, while driving, be prepared for that gust of wind especially if you are in a van or SUV. 

Overall be aware of your general surroundings. 

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