Somerset Co. Emergency Services releases new video to make an impact on the opioid battle

Somerset County has a new approach to make a big impact on the opioid battle.

It's a brand new video posted on Facebook by Somerset County Emergency Services. It's their latest effort to reach a bigger audience by showing the opioid crisis from the eyes of a paramedic.

The county's emergency planner, Victoria Lloyd says, "We were thinking about if you came upon a scene of an overdose, would you know what it was? It talks about things you need to tell 9-1-1 when you call because the more information you can give them, the more prepared the paramedic is when they arrive on scene."

That's where the paramedic in the video comes in. Eltonio T. Collins is the Princess Anne EMS Coordinator and has 20 years under his belt.

It's something he's trained to do. But the average person isn't and they hope to help you during these life threatening moments. 

"Just because we're here doesn't mean you can take the drug and be okay, we want to try to prevent this as much as possible," Collins tells us. 

The number of overdose calls are less than 100; 92 calls to be exact. But one life, is one too many. 

This is a situation that they're used to and they want to make sure it's something you're ready for, as well. Some of the signs to look out for are blueish purplish lips, coma, or combativeness.

The biggest push for this video is to make sure you act quickly in order to save a life and seek help immediately. 

Beyond the video, Somerset County Emergency Services just ordered a seven-foot pill bottle with different signs on it. They are trying to take it out to their next big event to bring awareness.

It's just one of the many innovative ways to get the community talking about the issue at hand. 

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