Salisbury Reacts to Mega Millions $521 Million Jackpot

"It would change my life that's for sure," said Salisbury resident Ronald Oliver.

With the mega millions jackpot jumping from $502 million to $521 million, residents all throughout Salisbury have been hitting their local convenience stores hoping their ticket will be the one.

"I bought ten, it only takes one though," said Oliver.

Local businesses in the area say since the prize is so high they've been seeing an increase in customers coming into their stores to buy lottery tickets.

"We've been pretty steady this morning and like you said people have been off today, a lot of people are in pools so their coming in and getting it in a big lumps sum and it's been really good for sales," said cashier Katrina Finney.

"It's really good for business, people stop and get gas and then they come in they play their tickets and buy beer and wine so we have a lot of beer and wine in here so it goes with a mega million ticket," said cashier Mary Naumann.

And employees say since the pot's so big, it's an opportunity they can't pass up.

"I'm part of a pool so I'm excited about it," said Finney.

When it comes to playing the lottery there's a lot of rituals that can go into picking the numbers including using birth dates, and anniversaries, but some would rather leave it up to chance.

"I just let the machines do it and if it hits it hits I don't do any rituals," said Oliver.

And what would you do with all that money if you won?

"I'd probably leave Salisbury unfortunately, probably head down to Key West or Amerada and fish for the rest of my days," said Salisbury resident Andrew Nelson.

"I would help the homeless, I would probably help my family out, give back first and then have fun," said Salisbury resident Timothy Gunther.

If no one wins tonight's jackpot, the jackpot for Tuesday, April 3rd will go up to $612 million, making it the 3rd largest prize in Mega Millions history.


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