Salisbury feels effects from nor’easter

"I felt the car doing this and everything," said Salisbury resident Alvin Wallace.

Residents are feeling the *full effects* of the nor'easter that's rocking Delmarva. And so are electric companies and road officials who have had to stay at the top of their game. Delmarva Power officials say  they've been preparing for this storm since Thursday morning.

"In addition we make sure that we have our crews who are going to be out in the field prepared to run those shifts as needed because we presume that when an event like this occurs we will be operating 24/7 to restore power to our customers," said Strategic Communications Manager for Delmarva Power Jake Sneeden. 

With winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour,  trees have been falling left and right along roadways, yards, and onto houses where one family just escaped unharmed.

"These are wind conditions we generally have when we have a hurricane or a strong nor'easter like we're having. You have to be vigilant watch out for trees on the road or limbs that might be getting ready to fall and report them to us ,"said Wicomico County Roads Division Supervisor Lee Outten.

Delmarva Power has restored power to more than 20,000 customers just in the past couple of hours. And despite their best efforts, they're still warning residents to prepare for the worst and one way you can do that is by making sure you have flashlights, batteries-,food,and that your cell phones are charged in case your power goes out.

"As the high winds continue to come across our service area we do see we are experiencing more  customers with power outages so we are out in the field actively restoring those as quickly as possible," said Sneeden.

  Delmarva power also says that if you do have a power outage or if you see a power line that's down
 make sure you give them a call at at 1-800-898-8042.


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