Salisbury becomes Bee City USA’s 100th affiliate; beekeepers rejoice after harsh winter

Salisbury has officially become Bee City USA's 100th affiliate. 

It means Salisbury is now committed to renewing their landscape design and maintenance plans with bees on the brain. And it's creating quite the buzz among beekeepers.

Local beekeeper Patricia King says, "I'm hoping they're going to write the frame work, they're going to show everyone how we can come together and kind of change our way of thinking."

Bee City's goal is to create a hive of apiary activity across the area. 

With pollinators on their mind, Salisbury can build better homes for them. It will allow them to plant more flowers and herbs to feed the bees. 

We learned this new initiative can provide some help after this past winter. We're told many hives were lost this season. 

But one local beekeeper, Kurt Zimmerman, wasn't completely swarmed by the harsh weather. He was able to wrap their hives and shield them. 

But many others were affected by the low temps. We're told when you don't have enough bees in a hive, they can't create the heat to survive. Another factor is ventilation. It was a very moist winter and that moisture, when it's get inside the hive, it'll rise up and drip down to the bees and it pools them. 

With this latest effort to grow better environments, Zimmerman thinks this can be a way to bring some buzz back to the area. 

"One of the things that is affecting all the feral hives in the area is lack of forage and lack of habitat so for them to put up some of this stuff and add that into the city we may see a resurgence of the feral population," Zimmerman says. 

Many beekeepers tell 47 ABC that they expect to get some new bees next week.

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