Salisbury airport drone program looks to take flight to new heights

The sky is the limit for the Salisbury Airport, thanks to a new drone program that is getting ready to take flight.

"We think this is really exciting," says Dawn Veatch, the Salisbury Airport Manager.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given the airport the green light to fly drones on three locations, opening up of miles of airspace near the airport.

Veatch is working on building a center that would house the program.

"The facility is a 10,000 square foot facility of which half of that would be a hangar. The back of it would be office space that would  be divided into shops or communications centers or might be for testing," says Veatch.

However, drones might not be the only thing soaring in Salisbury with this new hangar. Officials say the move could also help the local economy take flight. 

"I could see companies coming to the area and having the drones tested and calibrated at our local airport. I can see students at Salisbury University  come up with business plans with a drone  and look for guidance at this drone center, and I can see more people coming to the airport, which is an attraction in it of itself for our community," says David Ryan the Executive Director for the Salisbury Wicomico Economic Development Corporation.

Veatch says they are still waiting on funding to complete the center. The center is expected to cost  $800,000, and expected to be completed by December.

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