Report on legalizing marijuana fails to get enough votes, not released to the public

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has the First State divided in two.

On Wednesday, members from a task force voted on a final report that would study the legalization of recreational marijuana and provide recommendations to lawmakers.

However, the report failed to receive enough votes to be released. Despite the lack of support, co-chairs of the task force say they will still make the report available to lawmakers.

Senator Margaret Rose Henry, one of the co-chairs released this statement after Wednesday's meeting saying, "I'm disappointed in the members of the Task Force who wouldn't even take a simple vote to release our recommendations. Regardless of any technicalities, three things are clear we have worked since last year to craft good policy and to answer every question raised by a narrow group of special interests, we had far more support than opposition from the Task Force in today's vote and a clear, bipartisan majority of the public believes that legalizing recreational marijuana is a matter of common sense."

Another task force meeting will be held Wednesday, March 7, to discuss the report and make any additional changes.

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