Remaining horses on Hebron property monitored during Nor’easter

With our winter blast come concerns about the horses still stranded at the 150-acre property in Hebron.

There are still 32 living horses on the farm where 25 were found dead last week. 

47 ABC spoke to Aaron Balsamo, the Executive Director of Wicomico County's Humane Society for more insight. 

Balsamo says the weather has made it hard for officials and volunteers to remove the horses that are still on the farm. But we're told the ones that are currently there are the strongest. 

He also says that they are constantly monitoring the horses and checking on what they need. 

We're told they have enough hay and shelter for this storm. 

The goal is to have all the horses removed after the weather clears. 

You can make donations to the rescue teams or to the Wicomico County Humane Society. 

This Saturday, Pemberton Equestrian Center in Salisbury is hosting a fundraiser from one to four. 

All money raised will be distributed equally to all of the non-profit organizations involved. 

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