Rehoboth Beach approves $21 million budget and unveils their first capital improvement plan

For the first time Rehoboth Beach has a Capital Improvement Plan in place as part of their budget. 

It's a five-year plan of capital spending, in order to do a number of different projects and maintenance, such as paving and storm water management. 

In total, the budget stands at $21 million and includes things like bus permits for parking at City Hall increasing from $50 to $250. 

Most of the parking permit fees have been raised as well. But we're told this will affect visitors primarily.

Mayor Paul Kuhns says, "So what we're trying to do is put a little amount of the expense on the visitor whether it's for the boardwalk, beach maintenance, trash pick up, or the life guards. These are all things at the moment on the budget from the perspective whether it's residents paying for it, so now it's trying to spread the expense."

Another rising cost, the increase of convention center fees. The new rate for non-profits is $640 per day during the week and $2,000 per day over the weekend. For-profit organizations, they will pay $800 a day to rent the Convention Center during the week and a weekend rate of $2,500. The fees will go into effect January 2019.

As for those parking permits, those prices will go into effect immediately.

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