Pre-summer beach safety

The Ocean City Beach Patrol says that beachgoers should not consider going to the beach despite the recent warmer weather.

According to the First Lieutenant, Skip Lee, the water temperature sits currently at about 40 degrees and with no life guards on duty until Memorial Day weekend, it may be too dangerous for swimming. 

If people do decide to swim, officials recommend not going to the beach alone until the water completely warms up and there is a life guard on duty.

Lee said it is important to understand that swimming in cold water could lead to hypothermia, which can cause difficulty in breathing. 

"It's really important for people to be mindful that the ocean temperature is very, very cold right now," said Lee.

"Hypothermia sets in very quickly for the uneducated and unfamiliar person to those sorts of environments, so we really do want to encourage people not to go into the ocean," he said.

Ocean City Beach Patrol is also announcing that they will be hiring new life guards for the summer.  Anyone who is interested should visit the Ocean City Beach Patrol website for more information. 

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