Police: Body found in Silver Lake, not the only case

Silver Lake is a city park right in the heart of Dover. It's a place where people come to enjoy some peace and quiet, but recently it's become more than that.

"At approx. 1:09 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon we received a call that there was a body floating on the east side of Silver Lake, just off the rear of Lake View Drive," explains Cpl. Mark Hoffman of Dover PD.

According to Hoffman, this isn't the first time a body has been uncovered at Silver Lake.

"While it's an unusual event, unfortunately, we've seen this happen at least once or twice before in recent years."

Dover Police tell us the last body that was found in this river was discovered just six months ago on November 21st, and that case is still unsolved.

A lot of questions remain, similar to the investigation now unfolding. Although authorities have determined one thing. Investigators have identified the body as Stefphone Powell, who had been missing since February 18th. 

"We don't know how this person ended up in the lake whether it was an intentional act, whether it was an act of violence, or whether it was suicide or whether it was a tragic accident." 

Every scenario is on the table and it will stay that way until the medical examiner finds the cause of death, which could take up to months to determine.

'"With it being in the water, it's subject to the environment, unfortunately, wildlife as well as decomposition. So based on how long the body was in the water it can make things very difficult as far as determining the cause of death, how long the body has been there, and other details about their death as well," explains Hoffman. 

The cause of death is unknown and pending toxicology results by the Office of the Medical Examiner. Police say there are no obvious signs of foul play at the present time.


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