Peninsula Alternative Health hosting open enrollment dates

The only dispensary in Wicomico County is hoping to provide an alternative to opiates and provide medicine to those in need. 

Peninsula Alternative Health opened its doors a few months back and during that time period, they've had over 650 patients served. 

Currently, they are holding a series of open enrollment days at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce.

Open enrollment is the very first step in attaining medical cannabis.

Currently, the application process is all online and digitized. Peninsula Alternative Health says this would be a great way to assist anyone who isn't tech savvy. They'll take you through the process and help you complete the application. 

CEO Anthony Darby tells us, "The process is just identifying your identity and registering with the state to get a number. It doesn't allow you to get medical cannabis, it doesn't allow you to come into our dispensary. It's just a very first step of basically identifying your self with the state."

They'll have their next open enrollment date next Wednesday from eleven to four. You need to bring a picture ID.

After that, you have a 30 day wait period. You'll then receive a patient identification number from the state and then you can see a physician. 

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