Parts of Salisbury experience flooded roadways

The city of Crisfield isn't the only place that is experiencing some flooding, parts of Salisbury are also experiencing some light flooding. 

"For us, this is super flooded. The tide is running about 3 feet above normal," explains Bill Sterling, Salisbury's Traffic Superintendent. 

Tuesday, Fitzwater Street was completely submerged under water and unfortunately city officials have some bad news, it's not letting up any time soon.

"We've been monitoring the tide charts and it looks like for the next day we're going to have an issue, so we're hoping that the water downfalls. At this point this evening we're going to have this problem again ," explains Sterling. 

While the recent heavy rain on Delmarva makes matters worse, officials say this isn't a new or even an isolated problem.

"When we get a tide an excess of three feet, we have a couple locations in town that are below the three feet above level which is Lake Street, Germainia Circle and Fitzwater and that's due to the proximity to the river." 

And they've been trying to solve it for years.

"Several years ago we did a process on outfalls off Fitzwater, pinch valves and the valves were intended to not allow tide to come in, but allow the tide to come out. But its been several years since we've used that process, so it's something we may revisit going forward."

So for now, they just warn people to drive at their own risk. 

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