Parkside School horticulture program expands

The horticulture program at Parkside High School has experienced a significant expansion these past several years.

"In the last five years we've seen an increased interest from our students who participate in the program, as well as an increased interest in our community to support it," said Jerry Kelly, the horticulture program instructor. 

In one class session, students fill 3,000 pots in just 45 minutes. 

"I come here almost every day and almost all day," said Sean Small, a final year student at the high school.

"It's really fun work and easy for people to learn and do," said Small. 

Over the course of one year, the students also sell and market over 150,000 plants to the community. Now they're looking forward to adding another greenhouse to their space.

Also, they will be taking a new Certified Public Horticulture Exam at the Department of Agriculture for the first time. 

"What these kids tempt to do at the high school level I believe challenges them and gets them ready for post-secondary life," Kerry said. 

Parkside has been one of the only two high schools in the country to showcase the All-American Selections Display Garden for the past years. 

They're looking forward to their next display, which will be ready by May of this year. 

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