Opportunity Grants in action, helping students at a Sussex County school

Gov. John Carney, Opportunity Grants Program

From yoga to cooking classes, Delaware schools are changing up what they're doing inside the classrooms. Schools officials are taking a unique creative approach to education.

"Thanks to the support from the General Assembly we had a pilot program of 100,000,000 state wide for what we call Opportunity Grant, which are targeted toward student population from disadvantage backgrounds to help those students," said Delaware Governor John Carney.

The Opportunity Grant Program is establishing creative ways for young kids to become better learners in schools like Phyllis Wheatley Elementary.

"Well you know there's science out there that says bringing art bringing music into the curriculum really helps on the math, on the English, on the science side of the equation as well," said Delaware Senator Brian Pettyjohn.

Officials in the Woodbridge District are not only hoping to reach student success through the books, but through the new programs that the Opportunity Grant offers.

"We can implement the yoga program which really helps with the mindfulness and the calmness that we want the students to have," said Michele Marinucci, Director of Student Services for the Woodbridge School District.

"We also have the music program with the ukulele. So not only were we able to purchase ukulele for the students to use, we were also able to start a band loaning program."

And officials tell 47 ABC they're already seeing a difference in their students after adding the new programs to the curriculum.

"Talking to the administration here at Woodbridge they are seeing definite improvement in performance for the students that are going to these programs," Pettyjohn said.

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