Officials provide update on Cambridge South Dorchester School fight

The principal for Cambridge South Dorchester High School was in attendance of the Dorchester Board of Education board meeting to give an update on  the investigation after the riot that broke out last Thursday.

10 students were arrested as a result of the so-called riot after a fight between two individuals began at lunch that led to officers being called in from Cambridge Police and Dorchester County Sheriff's Office. The school along with officers are continuing to investigate the incident, and will give the students involved their due process.

"On Monday and Tuesday today additional investigation and due process of students was completed as well at the school. Please be aware that the community civil law and school law are very different when it comes to our students," said Principal for Cambridge South Dorchester High School Dave Bromwell.

Bromwell added that because of the number of students involved with the incident the school was not able to complete the investigation in a 24 hour period and adds that all students involved will be given fair treatment in all legal procedures.

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