Officials address “inaccurate reports” that a gun was brought to a local school

Earlier this week there was a rumor circulating that a gun was taken to Pittsville Elementary and Middle School but school officials are now clearing the air. The principal, Michael Cody, took to the schools Facebook page this morning to address concerns and set the record straight.

Cody posted a statement alerting parents that the school, along with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, investigated a student's alleged comments that were reported to be of a threatening nature. Officials added that reports of a gun on school property were "totally inaccurate".

"Misinformation was put out there on social media that there were dogs there, that a gun was on campus and none of that ever happened and we talk to our students all the time about being very responsible on social media and we hope parents do the same thing," said Director of Communications for Wicomico County Public Schools Paul Butler.

Butler added that the student who allegedly made the comments was not in school Tuesday. And school officials want parents to know that if they have any questions or concerns about the incident to contact the school directly.

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