Ocean Outfall Project construction deadline pushed back

Due to a challenging winter that saw four nor'easters impact the Rehoboth Beach area, the town is announcing they are pushing back the deadline for completion on their ocean outfall project.

We spoke with Rehoboth Mayor Paul Kuhns who described the weather's impact on the project's timeline.

"That's limited the amount of work that our contractors have been able to do out in the water.  So we've been working diligently with both army core of engineers and DNREC to get modifications to our permits."

Without modifications to the permit construction would have been limited between April 1 and September 30 as a precaution for marine life.  But Rehoboth Beach is taking the precautions necessary to limit any effect on aquatic life during construction as the waters begin to warm.

"We're going to hire an inspector to actually be out there in a daily basis moving forward to check for marine life if there is any around there," said Kuhns.

In addition to observing marine mammals, the contractor will perform turbidity and seawater temperature monitoring and reporting on a daily basis.

We're told construction in the water is about 90 percent complete, and that with what looks like good weather in the near future, the rest of the project on the water should be smooth sailing.

"The in-water work because they work around the clock pretty much, could be done within a week or so," said Kuhns.

With tourism season right around the corner officials are hopeful the project on land, which has seen its delays due to weather as well, will be completed in short order.

"I don't know if it will effect the tourism season, but people are starting to come down, as you can see now, Easter weekend.  We had a warm day today.  And people are starting to open up their houses for the summer, and so our ideas are to get this construction done as soon as we can," says Kuhns.

Kuhns says he anticipates the ocean outfall project to come to an end by May 23.

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