Ocean City Film Festival to debut documentary on controversial confederate marker

  One film that will debut this weekend at the Ocean City Film Festival is a documentary based on the controversy over a confederate marker in Salisbury. "The Sign" features interviews with a wide cast of activists, African American community leaders, and others and it focuses on General John Winder's marker outside of the county courthouse. The film is meant to shed light on race issues in the country and in Salisbury, but also educate local residents on the opposing views surrounding the debate.

"If there's anything that I want it's for people especially locals to be willing to talk about race and race relations without unnecessary aggression. Race makes people so uncomfortable in so many ways and the weirdest thing about that is that it is so impactful on our lives you know," said co-director for "The Sign" William Strang-Moya.

The film plays Saturday, March 10th at the Fox Gold Coast Theater in Ocean City.

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