Ocean City Film Festival brings economic profit to Eastern Shore

  Filmmakers from across the country are making their way to the eastern shore to celebrate their love for the art of filmmaking
  The Ocean city film festival is not only impacting the lives of local aspiring film directors– but it's also giving back to it's community. 

During the summer months– ocean city is thriving with activity and tourists from across the country– but when the warm weather goes away– so do the people. But now– a new tradition hitting the eastern shore is bringing life back to the city

"We have people coming from Georgia, Alabama, we have two filmmakers from England so, so far we've been able to get a lot of filmmakers into Ocean City which is really cool," said Co- Director of the Ocean Film Festival Kristin Helf.

This weekend, The Art League of Ocean City is hosting its Second Annual Ocean City Film Festival showcasing 100 new films made by regional and international filmmakers. And this popular event is already having a big impact on the community.

"People go to the films at the hotels and at the movie theaters and different venue s and then go out for dinner and bring money into the economy and other ways," said Executive Director for The Art League Rina Thaler. 

The Art League is partnering with multiple venues including the Fox Gold Coast Theater and The Clarion Hotel who've been seeing the many benefits of the festival.

"This is just really a great opportunity for us to get some exposure for the art league, for our resort, for local businesses, even if the guests are not staying with us directly we're hoping that we'll be able to bring some attraction to the area," said Director of Sales and Marketing for the Clarion Hotel Skip Coleman.

And the future for this festival is looking very bright.

"A couple hundred people have checked in so far to come into the film festival tickets are still being sold so it's hard to tell the total impact but it has the potential to grow in future years to several thousand people in the off season," said Thaler.



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