Ocean City feels the Nor’easter’s effects

Delmarva faced extreme weather on Friday. Strong winds began doing their damage early Friday morning and caused strong tides in coastal areas, such as Ocean City.

Les Lattin, an Ocean City visitor said, "It's crazy! The wind is unbelievable. Sand blasting all over. It just, it's crazy. I haven't seen anything like this in a long time."

On 23rd Street, the Days Inn Hotel's siding was ripped off by powerful tropical storm force wind gusts, causing a window to shatter and debris to fall into the street, and this was only some of the Nor'easters damage. ‬

All over Ocean City you could see debris, disabled traffic lights, property damage, blowing sand and rolling trash bins. ‬

Vicki Poff, another Ocean City visitor said, "Trash cans moving as vehicles across the roadway. Just stayed on it's wheels and kept on going like it was a car."

Dirk Staubs, a local, said, "A lot of debris blowing around and not a lot of people."

The winds were not only causing debris damage, but also problems with electricity. 

Jessica Waters, the Director of Communications for the Town of Ocean City said, "There have been some downed trees. I know we've had reports of power outages in various locations."

Despite all the damages, some said they still enjoyed seeing Mother Natures power first hand. 

Poff said, "It's awesome. It's interesting. It's nature."

The inlet parking lot had dozens of cars lined up to watch the unique spectacle. 

Oliver Hershey, a local student said, "I've not seen this rough of an inlet before."

Although the water was rough during the day, officials warned more danger may come Friday evening during high tide.

Waters said, "We are expecting some mild to moderate flooding specifically during high tide so if you live on the bayside in the downtown area, it's very likely that you will see some flooding."

Lattin said, "On the bayside, the water is just coming up splashing underneath the homes that are built on piers. I don't know how those houses can stay around."

High tide was expected to take place at 8:05 PM Friday night.

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