Nor’easters take a toll on Delaware’s beaches

Although the weather may be taking a turn for the better,  the extreme weather we've seen this past month has taken it's toll on Delaware's beaches. 

On Tuesday, Delaware officials surveyed just how bad the damage is.

"It's a constant struggle when you're trying to battle mother nature, and we've been really impacted this year," says Shawn Garvin, the DNREC Secretary.

After last week's nor'easter, Bethany beach lost a flight of stairs by the boardwalk, but it was the dunes that took a much harder hit.

"You can see the dunes have eroded over the course of time. We had an earlier storm where we had a breach in one of the dunes  that then made it's way into the community," says Garvin.

However help is on the way. The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers will kick off a beach replenishment project for Bethany by mid May.The project will help make the beaches more resilient to future storms.

"We will be building the dunes and berms, and extending the beach," says Lieutenant Colonel Kristen Dahle.

Officials admit the timeline of their project is not ideal with prime beach season, but they say it's something that needs to be done. The Army Corps have adjusted their project to minimize disruption to beach goers.

"During the times that they are here we've asked them to only close out about thousand feet  of beach at a time to make sure  it has the least impact for those areas that they are doing," says Lt. Col. Dahle.

Bethany Beach is just one of three locations that are part of this beach replenishment project. South Bethany and Fenwick Island will also get some attention. 

Officials from South Bethany tell 47 ABC they did not experience  any damage from the recent nor'easters the replenishment is still needed to ensure the beaches stay in top shape. 

The project in South Betahny will begin mid June and the project in Fenwick Island is slated for early July.

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