NOAA Issues 2018 Spring Outlook: Will it be Warm?

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center just released their 2018 Spring Outlook, and its calling for a warmer than normal spring season across Delmarva with near normal precipitation. This would be good news for those of you sick of the cold weather. It's also important to start preparing for the upcoming severe weather season by educating yourself on what to do if severe weather strikes our area. You can visit this link for more information.

Below is an excerpt from NOAA on this upcoming spring:
Through June, odds favor above-average temperatures for the southern two-thirds of the U.S., extending from California across the central Plains and into the Northeast. The greatest likelihood of above-average temperatures extends from the Southwest across Texas and the Gulf Coast. Hawaii and the northern half of Alaska are also favored to experience above-average temperatures during the April through June season. 

Below-average precipitation is anticipated across much of the West and South, extending from California to the south-central Plains, including Texas and parts of Oklahoma where drought is currently affecting the region. Below-average precipitation is also favored for a small area across the south coast of Alaska. It is most likely to be wetter-than-average for much of the northern U.S., extending from the northern High Plains, across to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, eastward to include the mid-Atlantic and Northeast as well as for northern Alaska and Hawaii.

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