New app features could be saving state drivers time and money

The Delaware Department of Transportation is trying to do what they can to help you navigate The First State's roadways, all with your phone.

DelDOT has announced the release of its latest update to its app that now includes text notifications.  Users have the ability to choose from a list of alerts to receive alerts such as construction, road closures, accidents, and more.

The hope is these new alerts can help travelers be more efficient on the roadways by saving time, gas and of course, some cash as well.

"They'll actually get a text alert on their phone from their app saying there's an incident, you might want to go a different way.  So looking at how we can give each user more control over the features that we offer," says C.R. McLeod, DelDOT communications director.

The app is now available on Apple and Android phones and has been downloaded more than 78,000 times.  You can download by searching for DelDOT on your Apple or Google Play stores.

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