Multi-county narcotics raid results in three key players involved in drug trafficking on the shore

In Dorchester County, three major players involved in drug trafficking are now behind bars. 

It's brand new information that we're learning today and it all stems from a multi-county raid that's been in the works for the past three years. 

Dorchester County Narcotics Task Force along with 24 other agencies were able to do six search and seizure warrants and finally pin point the key players involved in drug trafficking along the shore.

  • 43-year-old Monsuta Cornish
  • 45-year-old Rip Cornish
  • 18-year-old Roy Yvon Bell

We're told these three men have multiple connections throughout the Eastern Shore.

Sheriff James W. Phillips says, "These guys have been on our radar for 2 of 3 years and we were able to finally put a case against them and arrest the 3 main players in the group and we caught them pretty good so I'm really excited about it."

With these arrests, they were able to obtain multiple items:

  • 6 Motor Vehicles
  • 1 Motorcycle
  • 3 Handguns
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 1,131.8 Grams of cocaine
  • 436.4 Grams of crack cocaine
  • 810.6 Grams of marijuana
  • $13,519 in U.S. currency

The drugs on the table are estimated to be $100,000 in street value. 

Officials believe the arrests made can be a way to put a dent into the drug trafficking problem on the shore. 

"They better start looking over their shoulder because it may not be tonight, it may not be tomorrow night but we're coming," Phillips says. 

As for the arrests, the men have multiple charges against them such as possession and the intent to distribute. 

And officials could only provide so much information today, since these men are innocent until proven guilty. 

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