Much needed funds coming in for Worcester Habitat

The house was packed at Sisters in Berlin for an event to raise much needed funds for Habitat for Humanity Worcester County.

The branch of Habitat will use proceeds from this, and future fundraisers, to help staff their new store they will be opening in the coming months.

This new store will include merchandise, appliances, dining room sets and is a great opportunity for folks to find deals or to donate to the cause.

This will be a big year for the chapter, as they are looking at properties in Bishopville and Stockton.

"These opportunities, these provide opportunities for us to do some significant networking as well," said Matt Manos, President of the Worcester Habitat Board.  "So we're meeting people that might want to volunteer or support the organization in ways that they haven't done in the past."

If you wish to donate or become part of the cause, Habitat says they are very accessible.  You can find them online at

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