Millsboro PD providing free gun locks to encourage gun safety

The Millsboro Police Department are doing what they can to help with gun safety by reminding people about their free gun locks. 

The police department has been handing these out for the past few years but due to recent events, they are reminding everyone that they have hundreds of them still available. 

If you've never used one, they're pretty similar to a bicycle lock. Once it's locked, it can only be opened up by a key. 

We're told if you have a firearm, you should know where it is and have it in a safe location. 

Chief Calloway tells 47 ABC, "A gun by itself will not hurt anyone but it's when it's placed in the wrong hand it could cause someone to seriously be injured. Gun safety is extremely important so we're hoping to promote that by providing these gun locks."

The gun locks are accessible in the front lobby and all you need to do is request them. 

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