Meeting held for public input on potential arts and entertainment district

Residents in Crisfield were meeting Wednesday night to continue discussions on the proposed arts and entertainment district.

Residents heard information from a meeting between Crisfield and Somerset County.  We're told the residents in attendance had only positive reviews of the potential district, with one new local talking about what an arts and entertainment district did for his neck of the woods.

"One gentleman moved here from Elkton, and he spoke about what a difference the arts and entertainment district had made in Elkton.  How it had brought in other businesses, and that that process took a while to happen," said Circuit Rider Jennifer Merritt.

The process of bringing the district to Crisfield now begins to pick up steam.  The application deadline for the district is April 1.  A meeting is being held Thursday night, open to the public, for the application committee.  They will be working on the goals of the application.

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