Md. woman proposes “Walk Up” in response to planned “Walk Out” for Fla. school shooting

A Maryland woman with ties to Salisbury proposes an alternative to the upcoming "Walk Out" planned for next week following the school shooting, in South Florida.

The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has sparked multiple conversations after 17 people died as a result of the incident, in Parkland, FL. The school shooting has prompted reaction form parents and student all over the country, including Kelly Guest of Hampstead, MD.

In response to the planned "Walk Out", on March 14, Guest challenged students to instead "walk up" on that day.

Guest says, in a February 26 Facebook post, "Instead of walking out of school on March 14, encourage students to walk up – walk up to the kid who sits a lone at lunch and invite him to sit with your group – walk up to the kid who sits quietly in the corner of the room and sit next to her" 

Guest's post has gotten 31,000 likes and almost 68,000 shares.

Some on social media have argued that it shouldn't be one or the other, while others have supported Guest saying walking out will only interrupt the school schedule. 


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