Mayor Day and other local businesses testify in favor of wind turbines

Mayor Day is one of several testifying Tuesday against a bill that requires offshore wind farms to be built at least 26 miles offshore.

It's a much different take on wind turbines than the town of Ocean City as well as some delegates like Chris Adams, who testified against wind turbines.  

They have expressed concerns regarding an obstruction to the beach towns iconic view of the shoreline and the possibility that it could hurt tourism. 

But Mayor Jake Day says he doesn't see the wind turbines as an eye sore, in fact he went on to say that he believes the wind turbines would only be visible on extremely clear days.

On Tuesday he spoke of the economic and environmental benefits that would come from the turbines. 

"Salisbury's future and Ocean City's future are intertwined, so we love our neighbors and we want what's best for them. This is good for jobs, this is good for manufacturing in Maryland. there are Salisbury companies, Ocean City companies, and Baltimore companies that stand to benefit from this," explains Mayor Day. 

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan and other Ocean City officials testified against the wind turbines. The group of businesses and others will be testifying on both sides in front of the House on Thursday.

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