Made On Delmarva: Island Creamery

Island Creamery has become a staple for locals and beach goers.

"When you've been around for some time, you get to be a part of people's  vacation memories," says Kelly Conklin, the owner.

However, Conklin admits it wasn't smooth sailing when they started, they hit a a few rocky roads along the way.

"My parents owned this property, they bought it back in the 60's. They cast a vote for ideas of  things they can do here, and the first year we were a candy store, which didn't work out so well," says Conklin.

However his family refused to let their entrepreneurial dreams melt away, so they churned out another idea…making ice cream.

"We have hundreds of recipe. 32 at any one time. We try to change seasonally,  we do a lot of fresh fruit in the summertime, which here would be strawberries, peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe," says Conklin.

47 ABC went inside their kitchen to see how it's done how they make their decadent strawberry ice cream. 

Kelly starts by roasting strawberries.

"We've roasted these strawberries to reduce the water content and to intensify the flavor.

He lets the strawberries cool down and then purees them.

Conklin then cranks up the machine and gets the ice cream base ready.

"This is a neutral base, it's milk, extra cream, sugar. For that flavor we use a 14 percent butter fat flavor," says Conklin.

Conklin then pours in the strawberry puree and adds extra strawberry flavoring.

"Fat masks flavor and we want it to be vibrant and want you to know you're eating strawberry," says Conklin.

The machine churns the mixture until it reaches 22 degrees. The ice cream goes inside a bucket and placed inside a flash freezer.

"Which is about  -35 degrees, and then the next day move it to our storage freezer," says Conklin.

Conklin says placing the ice cream immediately into freezing temps ensures it has a creamy texture.

Once the ice cream has reached the right consistency, it's time to scoop and serve!

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