Made On Delmarva: Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

With every stitch and snip, folks at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland are putting the pedal to the metal to clothe some of the country's finest.

"In the Salisbury plant we make military training uniforms. The physical training uniforms, and a level 4 cold weather jacket," says Fred Puente, the president of the organization.

For decades, the organization has been training and employing blind and visually impaired people to perform top of the line jobs. One of the jobs they are the most proud of  is making uniforms for those who put their lives on the line for our freedoms.

"We adopt jobs and we change things so that a blind person can do what a sighted person does competitively," says Puente.

"I mean you can't go out and be in the military due to your vision, but you are contributing somehow," says Devene Spence, an associate.

The organization has two facilities in Salisbury. One location is used to cut the fabric and the other is used to the assemble the garments.

At their Northwood location, the fabric makes it's way down the assembly line. Associates stitch together the back, sides, sleeves, and attach the collar. The jackets get an elastic drawstring cord and then moves down the line to get pockets and lining attached.

Once all the pieces are sewed on, the garment is inspected and any lingering strings are trimmed.

When the jackets meet inspection they are individually packaged, boxed, and shipped to our brave men and women.

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