Local veterinarians: Easter lillies can severely hurt kitties

With Easter around the corner, many are decorating their homes with Easter lillies.

But for all you cat owners, be aware that this type of decor may actually hurt your cat.

47 abc spoke to Dr. Scott Thompson from Easton Veterinary Clinic to give us some more insight.

We’re told these flowers are toxic to every single feline. 

They don’t know the exact cause but they can result in kidney failure.

Cats could just chew on it and they can become sick. Grooming pollen off their fur could lead to poisoning as well. 

Exposure of any kind can cause some serious side effects such as lethargy, vocalizing pain, anorexia, seizures, or vomiting. 

We're told 90% of cats can be saved with early intervention by a veterinarian, if you notice these signs.

Cats can show signs in two to four hours.

We're told all types of cats are prone to getting the disease, but not all lillies can cause it.

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