Local city begins creating sidewalks in low income neighborhoods

Over the next couple weeks, you may notice some added construction on the roadways, especially the southwest portion of the city. 

That's because the city is working on creating sidewalks in several low income neighborhoods to increase walkability throughout the city. 

Construction kicked off Tuesday on Eastern Shore Drive, one of seven roads which will be getting brand new sidewalks. 

The seven week long project will affect the flow of traffic until May 4th. Some roads may go down to one lane, but Mayor Jake Day says no roads will be completely closed.

Day says this project will increase safety for pedestrians and provide the same type of infrastructure that other parts of the city already have. 

"There's a real equity issue here in that if you're in a poor neighborhood or a low income neighborhood and you don't have the same infrastructure that a wealthy neighborhood might have, then they end up walking on the street. It's a public health risk. You or your children could be at risk of getting hit by a vehicle," explains Day. 

The city is using money from a community block grant to fund the project. It's a grant that has also helped fund various infrastructure projects like park improvement over the years. 

The six other roads that are receiving sidewalks are: Grace St., Martin St., Prince St., Benny St., E. Railroad Ave.,Truitt St.          


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