Latest conditions of the Hebron horses at one rescue in Laurel

We have new details about the horses seized from a farm in Hebron. 

On Friday, rescue teams were trying to round up the remaining horses but that process got a little difficult. Many ended up escaping and even roamed the streets. Some even got three miles away from the property. It took some time and some phone calls, but we're told they are all back.

As for the rescue teams, 47 ABC caught up with Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware in Laurel, an organization that currently has four mares and a colt and they say that the horses are doing well.

The mares have more energy but the colt is severely dehydrated. They are introducing them to grain very slowly because if they give them too much, it can make them sick. 

We're told the horses are actually working out a pecking order and that they will eventually have to be separated.

Volunteer Brenda Jordan tells 47 ABC that they are in need of run-in sheds, "We do anticipate having to create those new pastures, they need run in sheds which are three side building with a roof to use as shelter."

If you'd like to donate, you can donate run-in sheds or supplies to build one.

They tell us they are planning to get more horses off the property, including the mother of the colt. 

Going forward, they need to find out if any of the mares are pregnant. 

Changing Fates says most of the horses could be dealing with parasites so they will also need to be de-wormed.

We're told these horses may be with the rescue for weeks or even months before adoption. 

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