Justice for Sells family will have to wait

In Princess Anne, the call for justice for a mother of two beaten to death by her fiance will have to wait a little longer. 

The court granting Sharef Hayward another postponement for his competency hearing. 

This time because Hayward has switched to a new attorney that claims she needs more time to have Hayward further evaluated to see if he is mentally capable of standing trial.  

Back in December of 2016, Hayward allegedly brutally murdered his fiance Airealle Sells with a hammer and almost killed her two other children. 

Now over a year since the incident, the victim's mother, Valentina Downing, says she's frustrated with the wait. 

"I just think to me right now I feel like the justice system has failed us and it even goes back to, you know, the state of Maryland and the state of Virginia when he was on probation when he first attempted to kill my daughter," says Downing. 

This is now the third time Hayward's case has been postponed. His attorney tells us she will have him see a doctor to be further re-evaluated in April. 

The competency hearing will be set for sometime in June.

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