Improvements coming to SU’s Maggs Physical Activities Center but no major changes in place

Despite the petitioning at school basketball games and support from Salisbury University Athletics Officials, an overhaul of Maggs Physical Activities Center will have to wait. 

The university says they are aware that the facility built in 1977 is out of date and that they have plans for a new field house in the schools master plan. The new field house would be near the schools existing athletic fields. 

Marvin Pyles, Vice President of Administration and Finance says, "A major renovation of Maggs would require a state and/or USM capital appropriation, and at this time there is no allocation or plans for such a project. We hope that at some point it would be added to the capital queue."

However, there are some improvements coming to Maggs. We're told the school plans to replace the old wooden bleachers this summer and renovate the pool area starting March 2019. 

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