Healing veterans through man’s best friend

U.S. Kennel Inc. is a new organization that adopts rescue dogs and trains them to become service dogs to our veterans.

The dogs help local heroes battling PTSD, brain damage, and other combat related disabilities.

The organization has rescued a couple dozen dogs, and veterans.  All dogs involved in the organization are rescues from the area, and insist on the veterans training their new companions themselves, as it is more therapeutic and builds a strong bond between man and man's best friend.

"Each veteran is different in their own way.  They might have PTSD, along with that comes anxiety, depression," says executive director Chris Hardy.  "Also, they might have nightmares, flashbacks, seizures, we've got some that are diabetic.  There's a wide range of things that we can train them for."

U.S. Kennels Inc. is stationed out of the Holly Center in Salisbury.  If you are a veteran and are interested in a service dog from U.S. Kennels, their number is 410.251.3714.

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