Gun Control Bill Fails to get Vote in Senate

On Thursday, a bill looking to raise the age of those wanting to buy a rifle from age 18 to age 21, failed to get a vote in the Delaware Senate.The House passed the bill last week which requires buyers to be at least 21, the same age required for purchasing a hand gun. Officials say there were too many amendments suggested by the Senate to make a vote. The bill will be revisited and scheduled for a final vote after the two week Easter break that lasts until April 17th.

"House Bill 330 to raise the limit of when a person can buy a gun, I didn't support it, I think it's our second amendment right but the bill still got past the house it got over to the senate. There were several amendments put on the bill and then the bill ended up getting tabled so I don't know if at this point it'll be lifted from the table," said Delaware Representative Tim Dukes.

The bill's sponsor, House Speaker Peter Schwartzkopf, was motivated to introduce the legislation after the Parkland High School shooting survivors raised the question about 18 year old's ability to purchase long guns.

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