Foregoing church service to serve the community

Sunday mornings for some in Salisbury are spent in the Oak Ridge Baptist Church, but this week, the church closed its doors for the day and got to work out in the city.

Forgoing their morning services to serve the community, that was the idea behind PEACE 1 Day, put together by the Oak Ridge Church.

"When we were able to give them the opportunity by closing church today, and say hey listen we're going to close church and we're going to give you the opportunity to go out and serve.  They were all about it and it's awesome," said coordinator Heather Smith.

The process of bringing all of the resources together for this community building event took place over the course of several months, beginning in January.

"I started to reach out to different areas to see where the needs were.  And we partnered with Mayor Day, and this is what he had for us," said Smith.

We traveled to sites across the city, talking to volunteers as they helped with everything from landscaping public land to helping build steps and doing yard work at a home on Riverside, or putting on a carnival on Booth Street.  In total, 25 events this weekend were staffed with over 900 volunteers.

This PEACE 1 Day event is part of a series of events put on the community to help with beautification.

PEACE 1 grew out of the church's monthly ritual of going out into the community on the third Saturday each month.  These efforts in the community are part of their Peace In Action plan, whose mission is to encourage and empower people to have a positive impact on our community.

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