Family of plane crash victim speaks out

The search continues over a week after a plane went down in Ocean City. Maryland State Police and others still looking for a woman and any other debris that may give them an idea of what happened. 

While they look and put the puzzle together, a family is picking up the pieces, the family of the man who was at the controls on the night the plane went down, Marcson Ngwa.

Ngwa's body may have been found by MSP, but that doesn’t ease the pain and the loss of a son, father and brother. 

Cecilia Ngu, the sister of Ngwa said, "I'm thinking about the brain he left with, the little baby he left behind and you know, the mother, siblings, me, it's just too much."

Marcson Ngwa was not just your everyday pilot, he was intelligent, ambitious and his family says, he was African royalty.

Ngu said, "From where we come from, his father was a prince, you know, in the village and he comes from a royal home, so Marcson is royalty."

Marcson came to the US a few years ago to chase his American dream.

Ngu said, "For him to be inspired to become a pilot and it's just too overwhelming that he had to die like that."

For Marcson, the sky was the limit. "He told me that sis, it is not going to end here I am going to expand I'm going to go higher and higher," Ngu said. 

He achieved that dream and touched the sky, but his life ended short. Now, the burden of another dream, to have him buried with his ancestors, rests with the family and friends he left behind. 

Bridget Afanwi, the Aunt of Ngwa said, "Marcson's death is a very big loss to me, and right now I don't know how I am going to convert the corpse back home."

"We believe, our tradition is, if we bury him out of home, many people will suffer the effect of it as we believe in our tradition," Anfawi explained.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them get Ngwa's body back to Cameroon. They say donations mean the world to them.

You can access that GoFundMe page here:

Meanwhile, police are still searching for the body of Benica Richards-Robinson.

Investigators say they don't know if Robinson is alive, and they say they've had trouble looking because of the serious storms that have pushed through. 

On Friday, while speaking with the Ngwa family, we learned that Robinson was Marcson's coworker. 

On Friday, the family made it clear that she is on their minds and in their prayers. 

Ngu said, "I send out my heart felt condolence to her family and I want to tell them that we are in it all together. I lost a brother because of the whole flight thing and now their daughter is gone as well hopefully she comes back one day."

The National Transportation Safety Board says the agency's investigation into the cause of the crash of the crash could take up to 18 months.

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