Dorchester County working to implement texts to 9-1-1

Less than two weeks ago, Governor Larry Hogan announced the Board of Public Works had approved a new contract with a Text to 9-1-1 service provider. And areas just like Dorchester County are getting ready to roll out the feature.

Right now, they are training all of their dispatchers and say they still need to install new equipment. 

47 ABC sat down with Emergency Services Communication Chief Kim Vickers who says, "It's going to be an education for the public too because the public isn't used to do that. They'll have to know what they can text or we'll still have to ask the location so they are going to absolutely give us their location, otherwise we can't get help to them."

Currently, Frederick county is the only county in Maryland that can receive these texts. 

Dorchester County says they hope to have the text service available by May. 

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