DNREC testing Blades private wells, providing home filters

The town of Blades' water may finally be crystal clear, but that doesn't mean every resident is cleared to drink their water just yet. 

Officials say there's about 62 private wells that are in question and that's why they are urging residents who live within a half mile of the town's own wells to get tested. 

"We're taking the list and forwarding it over to DNREC. We have the maps here since some people aren't on, don't have internet, so we do have copies of the maps and if you're within that red line then we can basically point it out on the map and get you signed up for a testing," says Blades Town Administrator Vikki Prettyman. 

So far, 44 private wells have been tested and not everyone is in the clear. Three have shown an elevated level of pre-fluorinated compounds or PFCs above the EPA's human health advisory level. 

Officials with DNREC say the agency does have a solution for those affected homes, carbon filters, just like the town's. 

"So ours is treating 150 gallons per minute of water, but a household size carbon filter will fit right on your faucet." 

And until those distributed by the Division of Public Health are put in place, bottled water is being provided. 

The town is holding a public meeting is Thursday at the Blades Fire Hall at 7 p.m. Both the Division of Public Health, DNREC, and Blades town officials will be there to answer any questions the public has.

Officials with those groups say they would like those with private wells to come so that they can answer any questions about possible contaminants and solutions. 

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