Dive teams resume search for passengers after plane crashes in Ocean City

It's been exactly one week since a plane crashed near the north end of Assateague State Park.

Since last Friday, when a man's body was recovered the search has stalled. 

Storms, high waters, rough surf and more have contributed to the delay. 

But Maryland State Police, Coast Guard, and Maryland Natural Resources Police resumed the search looking for anyone and anything today. 

We know the plane had four seats but we don't know if there was anyone other than the pilot, who's body was located. 

Searchers say they will do all they can to find what they need before nightfall.

"Last week, they marked the area so they knew the area to go back to. Their markers were still actually in place, so they are going to resume where they last left off down there, that was approximately 5 miles from the oil slick that was located by our aviation unit, " Sgt. DaVaughn Parker tells 47 ABC. 

The team supposedly knew there was more wreckage in the ocean to be recovered, depending on what they find today, they'll determine what to do next. 

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