Del. braves another nor’easter

From rain to snow  and everything in between.  On Wednesday, Delaware felt the effects of another nor'easter

"The storms have been like no other,' says John Prudier, from Bethany Beach.

"Very unusual weather, we've had a few  storms the past couple of years that have been like this. But this is not what you would have expected on the second day of spring," says Laura Hutchison, a resident in Milton.

The spring storm drew crowds to the beach to watch mother nature up close. 

"I've come here to video the ocean, and it is very violent ," says Prudier.

"My fellow teachers who live further north are getting snow and wanted ocean pictures so we figured we check it out," says Hutchison.

Sussex County officials say so far no damage has been reported but there are concerns over flooding.

"We are hearing of high water in some areas particularly in Oak Orchard. At the beaches the water is up to the dune line," says Joe Thomas, the Director for Sussex County Emergency Operations.

Officials are also warning people to remain vigilant with the next high tide.

"It is still predicted to be a pretty significant tidal anomaly so we still need to be cognizant and aware of the potential flooding," says Thomas.

The number one recommendation for weathering the storm  is to stay inside and wait for it to pass. 

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