Community comes together in hopes of solving death of Robin Pope

For the Queen Anne's County community, specifically on Kent Island, the death of Robin Pope remains shrouded in mystery.  Police and Pope's best friends have received tips over the years, with none leading to a resolution of the case.

Five years after Pope's body washed on shore on the Chesapeake her best friends, Kathy Ullrich and Debbie O'Malley, along with community friends and law enforcement, gathered for a ceremony.

A ceremony for a woman Kathy describes as, 'the light in the room.'

They all took turns throwing roses into the cold waters of the Chesapeake where Robin was found.

"In the summer time when we would boat by, we'd always go by the house, and we would always toss rose pedals or roses in the water.  We're just sending our love to Robin to the place where she took her last breathe," said Ullrich.

It has now been five long years with no hints as to what happened in 2013.  To this day, her case is still ruled a suspicious death, with no hard leads.  A reality the community and those close to Robin are reminded of on a daily basis.

"It's always heavy on our hearts and our shoulders that we don't have closure, that we don't have any answers that we're not closer to getting any answers," said Ullrich.

Determined to crack Robin's case, Kathy, Debbie and Sheriff Gary Hofmann created a new webpage to entice anyone with any knowledge of what happened that March night to leave an anonymous tip;

The page includes information about Robin with a portal to contact law enforcement with any new leads.

"Any time you can generate information, discussion, even if it's on social media, or through web pages, somebody out there might think that they saw something or they might have one bit of information," said Hofmann.

Kathy and Debbie say as long as they are around they will keep Robin's case alive in the community, as they continue their search for answers of what happened to Robin Pope.

"We don't want Robin to be forgotten.  She still means a lot to us.  She means a lot to Rachel and Priscilla, and to this area.  To the people here in Kent Island, we all want closure," said Ullrich.

Crime Solvers is also offering a reward for any tips that lead to an arrest or conclusion to the case.  They can be reached at 410.548.1776.

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