Cleanup continues for local communities

The Delmarva coastline is still recovering after high winds and rough waters of the nor'easter that is passing through.

Mayor Rick Meehan discussed Ocean City's current state and says, luckily, the popular beach town saw no major damages.

Most of the damage done to Ocean City was siding and shingles blown away, with a few signs down.

The town experienced high tides that washed away some sand, but thanks to the beach replenishment that occurred in the fall, most of the beach and dunes remain in tact.

"The wind should die down, the high tide we were most worried about was this morning.  I've been here all morning so I'm not sure what happened, but I don't think we had anything major, I didn't get any reports.  So, it's a nor'easter, we have them every once in a while, so let's just hope it blows out of here and everything is just the way it is," said Meehan.

Wicomico County officials say they had their share of calls of damage in the region.

Officials from county public works say they received dozens of calls yesterday throughout the day, into the night and this morning.

We're told large trees that previously had no issues were taken down by the tropical storm gust winds.

Clean up will continue into next week as we are told it will take the county about two or three days to complete the process.

"The only challenge I would say is of course we don't have an unlimited staff.  And at the rate that the calls were coming in and trying to get from one to the next because at one point they came in so rapidly," said Wicomico County Roads Superintendent Lee Outen.

If you have down trees, especially if they are caught in power lines, you are urged to call Salisbury Public Works if you are in the city, or Wicomico County at 410-548-4872.

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