CHEER seeking donations for a new kitchen to serve the growing population of elders

CHEER Senior Center in Georgetown is hoping to get their hands on a new kitchen.

On a daily basis, they produce over 1,700 meals a day for senior citizens. 

Their kitchen, which is currently at the Thurman Adams State Service Center, was designed in the 80's. It was then renovated in the 90's but now they are producing twice as many meals as it was originally planned to do.

They have also decided to kick off a capital campaign to raise $1.4 million to get a new commercial kitchen. 

The site will be located at the CHEER Community Center on Sand Hill Road, where they have a bigger kitchen but they hope to upgrade it. We're told they wanting to make one large unified kitchen.

We're told they are seeking monetary donations. 

But we're told another way to help is by volunteering. Click here to volunteer. 

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