Chaos breaks out in Cambridge South-Dorchester cafeteria

Videos are surfacing online and first-person accounts are being shared on social media, but police and the Cambridge South Dorchester have not released much information following a fight in the school cafeteria.

The incident began with a fight between two individuals at lunch that led to officers being called in from Cambridge Police and Dorchester County Sheriff's Office.

Students who spoke with 47 ABC say that the chaos followed that fight.  One of those students, junior Jyquan Farrare, posted a video to Facebook that has been viewed and shared dozens of times.

He says this is out of the norm for his school.

"They called the cops, and I walk up in the cafeteria and there's a kid being arrested.  And then it's like five seconds later he's slammed to the ground, and I was recording the whole thing."

Authorities from Cambridge Police, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, and Maryland State Police were on scene investigating as children were dismissed from class at 3:30 PM, and remained on scene hours afterward.

Farrare claims there were multiple students arrested, but Cambridge Police would not confirm that.  Police are only telling 47 ABC there were no injuries that they know of at this time.

Dorchester County Public Schools released the following statement:

"On March 1, 2018, at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School, there was a physical altercation which caused a disruption in the school day. This situation is being investigated by the school's administration and local law enforcement. Cambridge-South Dorchester High School is committed to insuring the safety of our students and staff. We will continue to investigate the incident in conjunction with the
DCPS County Student Code of Conduct in collaboration with local law enforcement. Thank you."

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