Carney, Carper discuss climate change, combatting rising sea levels

It's a discussion that will have a huge impact on the state of Delaware, climate changes and the rising sea levels, and what the local government is doing to stem the tide.

A town hall was held Wednesday night online with Governor John Carney and U.S. Senator Tom Carper about the susceptibility for the nation's lowest-lying state.

Topics about what Delaware can do to reduce its effects on the environment ranged from renewable energy and the possibility of bringing wind power to the bay, to more electric cars on the road and the importance of beach replenishment.

Slowing development and the loss of farm land was also discussed with Carney touting his budget that fully funds farm land preservation.

"We're doing a lot with nutrient management to work with the farming and agricultural community in terms of the application levels on their fields, so that they are not applying more nutrients than can be taken up by whatever the crop might be," said Carney.  "Investing in cost share with cover crop to help those farmers do just that."

Carney also highlighted the state's initiative to get more private homes equipped with renewable energy.  About 4.000 homes are now solar powered with 1,100 of those new homes turning green in 2016, according to Carney.

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